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Project Casting

Las Vegas Commercial Actors Needed

The infamous quote  "What Happens in Vegas...Stays in Vegas" sparks some kind of excitement that can only be found one place in the world. Now casting directors are currently seeking talent for an upcoming...
Project Casting

“Killing Winston Jones” Starring Danny Glover and Richard Dreyfuss Casting Info

"Killing Winston Jones" is an upcoming feature film that is currently be filmed on location in the great and historic Savannah, Georgia. "Killing Winston Jones" will feature the great talent of Richard Dreyfuss and...
Project Casting

‘Getaway’ Starring Selena Gomez is Now Hiring and Casting Various Roles

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of a car and forced to follow orders of a mysterious man in order to save your kidnapped family. Well the upcoming film 'Getaway' is centered on Brent Magna...
Project Casting

So…What’s An Extra?

A background actor an extra is a performer in a film, television show, stage musical, who appears in a nonspeaking, non-singing, or non dancing capacity. Typically, the performer is found in the background of...

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