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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Ellen Pompeo Says the Coronavirus is “Heartbreaking”

Ellen Pompeo may play a doctor on television on the hit ABC medical drama, 'Grey's Anatomy' but, that does not mean she does not care about medical professionals fighting the Coronavirus outbreak. On Friday, Ellen...
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Ellen Pompeo: “Acting, To Me, Is Boring”

Recently, Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo made headlines for signing a contract making her the highest-paid actress on television. Pompeo is set to make $20 million per season for the next three seasons. But...
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Ellen Pompeo’s Reason for Never Quitting Grey’s Anatomy is Shocking

Ellen Pompeo reveals why she never quit Grey's Anatomy.  Ellen Pompeo is one of Hollywood's biggest and highest paid TV stars. But, in a recent interview with PeopleStyle, Pompeo revealed that her only reason why she...

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