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New Ebola TV Series is Coming Soon to Fox

Producers Planning on Creating a Ebola TV series As the Ebola virus is killing hundreds of people across Africa and infecting nurses throughout the United Sates, producers are planning on bringing the deadly illness to...
Project Casting

NBC Medical Correspondent is Quarantined for Ebola but Still Leaves Home

NBC's Medical Correspondent is Quarantined for Ebola but still goes out anyway. NBC Chief Medical Correspondent Nancy Snyderman is now under police surveillance after she was spotted out in public in New Jersey last week....
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Ebola Hits Hollywood? Possible Ebola Patient Rushed to Los Angeles Hospital

Ebola hits close to Hollywood as a possible Ebola patient is rushed to LA Hospital. According to reports, an individual who arrived at LAX is currently being tested at Centinela Hospital Medical Center in Inglewood,...
Project Casting

NBC News Cameraman Has Tested Positive for Ebola

NBC Cameraman has tested positive for Ebola. According to recent reports, an American NBC cameraman working in Liberia recently tested positive for Ebola today and will be flown to the United States for treatment. The...

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