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The Selfie-Drone is Finally Here and It’s Amazing

Looking for a new selfie stick? How about a selfie drone instead? If there are two things that would identify technology and pop culture in the 2010s, then it would be the selfie stick and...

Drones Are Taking Over Hollywood

Filmmaking drones are making it's way into Hollywood's film and TV industry Drones are taking over Hollywood. After the FAA approved flight with a drone earlier this week, Hollywood studio executives are investing wholeheartedly in...
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Hollywood Will Soon Be Allowed to Use Drones for Filming

The Federal Aviation Administration is planning on loosening the restrictions on using drones in movies and TV shows. Several production companies have requested the ability to use unmanned aircrafts on movie sets in the U.S....
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Hollywood is Pushing for More Drones in TV and Film Production

Hollywood is working hard to organize to support using drones in TV and Films. Hollywood's filmmaking community is organizing to promote the use of drones. Under the newly named Society of Aerial Cinematographers, organizers are...
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Hollywood Wants Use Drones to Film Movies

Hollywood is trying to start using drones to film movies. During the filming of 'The Twilight Zone', produced by Steven Spielberg, actor Vic Morrow and child actors Myca Dinh Le (age 7) and Renee Shin-Yi...
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Facebook to Launch Satellites to Make Sure Everyone Has Internet Access

Facebook is expanding and plans to go to space. Facebook plans to launch drones and satellites to reach the next six billion people to join Facebook. Yes, Facebook is planning on getting into the aerospace field....

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