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CBS Reportedly Casts White Actors for Roles Written for Minorities

Is Hollywood whitewashing back again? According to a report by The Wrap, CBS TV pilot Mission Control was originally written with a bilingual Latina and an African-American man. But, the new series will now star Poppy Montgomery and David Giuntoli,...
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New York Fashion Week Has a Diversity Problem, Study Finds

A new study shows diversity at New York Fashion week 2017 has decreased. Kanye West's Spring 2017 Yeezy show was bashed by critics for casting relatively unknown and aspiring models. But, Ninety-seven percent of West's...
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CBS Nationwide Open Casting Call for Aspiring Actors

CBS is holding an open casting call to launch a new drama diversity casting initiative. CBS is looking for the next breakout talent. Selected actors will have the opportunity to audition for  a lead role...
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David Oyelowo: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Has ‘No Excuse’ For Lack Of People Of Color

Are The Game of Thrones racist? Golden Globe nominated actor David Oyelowo (Selma) recently criticized Game of Thrones for not casting non-white actors on the show, saying that there’s “absolutely no excuse in a show like that why there aren’t more...
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Why Aren’t British Filmmakers Casting Black Actors?

A new report from the British Film Institute, nearly 60 percent of all the movies made in the past 10 years feature zero black actors. According to the report, 59% of British films made over the...
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Leaked TV Star Salaries Spark Race Controversy

Leaked TV star salaries illustrate Hollywood's HUGE pay-gap. In a new report by Variety, the salaries for Hollywood's biggest TV actors were revealed to the public and the results are pretty surprising. Variety, recently surveyed actors, executives,...

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