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Project Casting

$8000 DirecTV Commercial Casting Call for Several Roles

Miami Talent Casting is looking for Spanish speaking actors to work on an upcoming DirecTV commercial. Talents that are selected will be compensated $8000 and have their travel fees paid to Uruguay where the commercial...
Project Casting

DirecTV Forced to Remove All Rob Lowe Ads

DirecTV forced to remove Rob Lowe ads after a complaint from Comcast. DirecTV's ad campaign featuring Rob Lowe's alter egos (he's cooler and more confident with DirecTV, but he's a creep and lame with cable)...
Project Casting

$3000 Dish Network TV Commercial Casting Call for Several Roles

Dish Network commercial casting call for DirecTV commercial filming in Austin, Texas. MUST LIVE IN TEXAS TO APPLY. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN TEXAS.  Vicky Boone Casting is looking for DirecTV customers...
Project Casting

HBO to Offer HBO GO without Cable Subscription in 2015

You will finally be able to get HBO without paying for a cable subscription in 2015. After years of ignoring millions of TV viewers, HBO and Time Warner have finally decided to provide a standalone version...
Project Casting

End of Net Neutrality? AT&T is Going to Buy DirecTV for $67 Billion Dollars

AT&T is on it's way to communication domination. The telephone company is looking to pay $67 Billion dollars for the purchase of DirecTV. AT&T have reached an agreement for $95 a share for the satellite TV...
Project Casting

Dish and DirecTV wish customers a Merry Christmas by Increasing Prices

Price Hike for Dish Network and DirecTV customers As millions of family members come together to celebrate the holidays, satellite TV companies Dish Network and DirecTV are wishing their customers Merry Christmas by increasing the...

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