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27 Shows That Never Hired a Woman or Minority Director This Year

Here are the 27 TV shows that never hired a women or a minority director this year. The Director's Guild of America looked over 270 scripted TV series, finding that the hiring of first-time directors...

Sony Hack: Actors Private Information May Have Been Stolen

Sony reveals that actors private information may have been stolen. According to reports, the Sony Pictures hack compromised massive amounts of employee data, in addition, actors, writers and directors are also employees of the studio,...
Project Casting

TV Directors Diversity Report is Depressing and Outrageous

DGA TV Directors 2014 reveals little changes for women and minorities in the TV industry. Women may make up over half of the United States population, but in Hollywood only 14% of women directed a...
Project Casting

CBS Hollywood Diversity Programs Now Seeking Directors, Actors, and More

It is interesting to note the vast amount of opportunities that are available to those that are interested in the entertainment industry. Many people quickly assume the path to Hollywood requires amazing acting skills,...

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