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Cash Me Ousside Girl and David Spade Are Now Feuding on Instagram

You have to admit, celebrity feuds are incredibly entertaining. But, with the invention of social media and social networking sites, feuds between celebrities has become more and more frequent, fun, funny and sometimes downright...
David Spade

David Spade Bashes President Obama Reality TV Show Appearances

David Spade thinks President Obama's reality TV show appearances are "thirsty." Joe Dirt was not too happy about the recent episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls featuring Barack Obama, saying he "thought a president should have...
Project Casting

David Spade is Having a Great Time with Extras on ‘Joe Dirt 2’

New photos released of David Spade and model Charlotte McKinney for the new movie Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser As we have been pointing out in the latest casting calls for 'Joe Dirt 2', David...
Project Casting

Get Ready! ‘Joe Dirt 2’ Movie is Coming Soon

Get your mullet ready because 'Joe Dirt 2' is coming soon Production for 'Joe Dirt 2' is ramping up in production. Several months ago, David Spade revealed that he had finished writing a sequel to...
Project Casting

“Joe Dirt 2” Coming Soon? David Spade Confirms Possible Sequel

Is it possible for a Joe Dirt 2 in our near future? Well according to comedian David Spade, the original Joe Dirt, we may just see one soon. In a recent Reddit AMA, several users...

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