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Amy Adams Reveals the “Abuse” on Set of ‘American Hustle’

Amy Adams reveals how David O. Russell made her cry on set of American Hustle. Following the Sony Hack, leaked emails showed that the movie's director, David O. Russell, constantly "abused" Amy Adams. The harassment allegedly was...
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Bradley Cooper: I Rarely Talk to Jennifer Lawrence

Bradley Cooper reveals personal details about his relationship with Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are one of Hollywood's most celebrated on-screen movie couples. But, did you know the two actors rarely talk to...

Critics Bash Jennifer Lawrence’s New Movie ‘Joy’: It’s the “Worst”

Jennifer Lawrence may want to stay away from Twitter, the TV, and any news outlet, as critics are calling her new movie Joy the worst movie her career. Joy, centers around a family across four generations. But mostly...
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‘American Hustle’ Director Finally Responds to Jennifer Lawrence’s Essay

The director of American Hustle, David O. Russell, finally responds to that scathing Jennifer Lawrence essay on sexism and the gender pay gap in Hollywood. David O. Russell's favorite actress has to be Jennifer Lawrence. He puts...
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Amy Adams ‘Abused’ By Director? Email Shows Christian Bale Protected Her

Director of 'American Hustle', David O. Russell allegedly physically and emotionally abused cast and crew including Amy Adams. It was so bad Christian Bale had to step in and protect her. David O. Russell is...
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Jennifer Lawrence New Movie ‘Joy’ Headed to Boston

Jennifer Lawrence's new movie 'Joy' is headed to Boston, Massachusetts. Last year there were rumors that the cast of American Hustle were reuniting for a new movie. According to reports, those rumors are true. David...

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