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CASTING CALL: Dave Franco to Play Vanilla Ice in Upcoming Biopic

Dave Franco cast to play Vanilla Ice in the upcoming biopic, ‘To The Extreme’. The actor spoke to Insider about the upcoming project. He explains the movie has been in development for a while...
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Dave Franco Reveals What It’s Like to Audition for ‘Star Wars’ [VIDEO]

Dave Franco opens up about his Star Wars: Han Solo audition. Dave Franco knows exactly what it's like to audition for Star Wars. Though it may have felt like "most other auditions," the actor told MTV News, "Because of...
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Dave Franco Joins Cast of ‘Neighbors 2’

Dave Franco is returning to 'Neighbors 2'. Dave Franco is headed to the ATL. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Dave Franco will be returning to the 'Neighbors' franchise for the upcoming 'Neighbors 2' movie now...

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