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‘Shooter’ TV Series Premiere Delayed Following Dallas Shooting

USA network's Shooter gets delayed following the Dallas police shooting USA drama starring Ryan Phillippe will now premiere on July 26 after being delayed for an entire week due to the deadly shooting in Dallas last week. The...
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Police Are Now Arresting People for Criticizing Cops on Facebook

Following the Dallas shootings, police are now arresting people for criticizing cops on social media. Four men in Detroit were arrested this week for posts on social media that the police called threatening. In fact,...
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Shonda Rhimes Defends Black Lives Matter

Shonda Rhimes is calling for more gun control and defends Black Lives Matter after the Dallas shooting. Showrunner Shonda Rhimes called out people for attempting to blame Black Lives Matter with the shooting of police...
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Hollywood Reacts to the Dallas Police Shootings

Hollywood's biggest celebrities react on Twitter to the Dallas Police Shootings. Celebrities took to social media to express their frustration, sadness, and grief that four police officers were killed during a Black Lives Matter protest. According...

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