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Shemar Moore Speaks Out Thomas Gibson ‘Criminal Minds’ Firing

Criminal Minds former co-star Shemar Moore seems to have commented on the firing of his former co-star, Thomas Gibson. In a video that was recently posted on Moore's Instagram and was quickly deleted, the actor commented on...
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Thomas Gibson is Threatening to Sue Over Getting Fired From ‘Criminal Minds

Thomas Gibson is considering a lawsuit over getting fired from Criminal Minds.  After appearing in 225 episodes, all it takes is one on-set altercation and kicking the show's writer to find yourself out of a job....
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‘Criminal Minds’ Actor FIRED After Assaulting Writer

Criminal Minds star, Thomas Gibson after kicking a writer. Thomas Gibson worked on Criminal Minds for 12 years and appeared on 225 different episodes but, according to a new report, the actor was fired from the hit...
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‘Criminal Minds’ Guest Actor Steals $60k From Lead Actor, Shemar Moore

Criminal Minds actor steals $60,000 from Shemar Moore Less than 24 hours after Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson made international headlines for kicking a writer, his former co-star Shemar Moore is making headlines. According to Fox News, an actor...
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CBS Suspends ‘Criminal Minds’ Actor After Kicking Writer

CBS suspends Criminal Minds actor kicking the show's writer. CBS decided to suspend Thomas Gibson, an actor and director from the hit TV series Criminal Minds. According to reports, Gibson kicked a writer in the leg. According to TheWrap, Gibson,...
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Former ‘Criminal Minds’ Casting Director Shuts Down Acting Workshops

Former Criminal Minds casting director is no longer holding acting workshops. Following the pay-to-play controversy, casting director Scott David has announced that he will be closing down his Los Angeles acting workshop company. According to The Hollywood...
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[UPDATE] ‘Criminal Minds’ Casting Director Fired After “Illegal” Workshops

CBS fires the casting director behind Criminal Minds after "illegal" casting director acting workshops report. Update: Saturday, April 16 Following the controversy and allegedly getting fired from CBS' Criminal Minds, casting director Scott David took the type to fire...

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