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‘COPS’ TV Show Canceled After 33 Seasons

'COPS' reality TV show is now canceled after 33 seasons. Paramount Network confirms they will cancel their long-running reality TV series ‘COPS’. The show was headed into its 33rd season with a premiere date on...
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‘Cops’ Crew Member Killed By Police While Filming Robbery

A 'Cops' crew member was shot and killed while filming an Armed Robbery at a Wendy's Restaurant. According to reports, 38 year old crew member for the Spike TV series, Cops, was shot and killed...
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“Max” The Movie Casting Call for Police Officers in North Carolina

"MAX" the movie casting call seeking police officers for a scene filming on Wednesday, June 11th in North Carolina. “MAX” is based on a true story about a Belgian Shepard Malinois military working dog returns from active...

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