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Ex-Scandal Star Columbus Short is Going to Jail

Columbus Short is going to jail and rehab. Columbus Short was once on top of the world but, after several bad choices, Short is going to jail for a month for a parole violation. According...
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Columbus Short Arrested by Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters take Columbus Short away to jail. Columbus Short is still having a hard time bouncing back after getting fired from Scandal. According to reports, Columbus Short was arrested Tuesday night. Ahead of his scheduled performance...
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‘Scandal’ Actor, Columbus Short Reveals Cocaine Abuse Caused Breakdown

'Scandal' Actor, Columbus Short Reveals Cocaine Abuse Caused Breakdown Former Scandal supporting actor Columbus Short revealed that his bad behavior was the reason why Shonda Rhimes kicked his character off the show. "I was struggling with drugs," Short...
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10 Actors Who Were Fired From Major Roles

These 10 actors were fired from major TV and movie roles. The career of an actor is filled with ups and downs. Sometimes things happen on set that many actors wish they could change but,...
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Columbus Short Exits ABC’s ‘Scandal’

Scandal's Columbus Short will not be returning to the ABC hit series next season after his contract was not renewed. According to Deadline, many believe this decision is due to the recent incident's between Short...

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