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STUDY: Coffee Drinkers Live Longer

Coffee drinkers live longer than non-coffee drinkers. Scientists are constantly studying coffee. After a report suggesting that black coffee means you have psychopathic tendencies, scientists are looking at coffee again to see how it impacts...
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Study: Black Coffee Drinkers are Psychopaths

Do you drink black coffee? Well, you are probably a psychopath. So...the next time you are at work and you see your co-worker drinking coffee remember the guy that likes his coffee black is probably...
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Is Hollywood in Trouble? Coffee Shortage Maybe Coming

Coffee shortage maybe headed to Hollywood. Anyone that works in the film industry knows that coffee is your best friend. Working on set, producers expect every actor, model, and crew member to put in those...
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Red Bull False Advertising Leads to $13 Million Settlement

Red Bull is currently settling a lawsuit over the fact that the product does not actually give you wings. According to recent report, the lawsuit centers around Red Bull's excessive claims of how effective the...
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$2,000 Coffee Commercial Open Nationwide Casting Call

Producers are currently seeking talent for an upcoming coffee commercial filming in Israel. Casting directors are currently seeking talent for an upcoming hot coffee commercial filming in Tel Aviv Israel. Miami talent casting is now casting...
Project Casting

Coffee Lover? Dallas Commercial Casting Call

Dallas/Fort Worth Commercial Casting Call Casting directors are currently searching the Dallas/Fort Worth area for Coffee Loving Adults age 25-50 for a TV Commercial. They are currently looking for the following types for a TV commercial...

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