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Michael Peña Scientology

Michael Peña: ‘Scientology Made Me a Better Actor’

Did you know Michael Peña is a Scientologist? In an inteview with The Guardian, Peña, who stars in some of the biggest Hollywood movies including Marvel's Ant-Man, talked about his history with the Church of Scientology, which dates back...
Katie Holmes-1

Katie Holmes Wants Apology after 20/20 Scientology Special

Katie Holmes is demanding an apology from ABC following the 20/20 segment on Leah Remini controversial interview on Scientology. Katie Holmes' rep bashed ABC and accused the network of using the star's name to boost...
Project Casting

Actress Leah Remini Bashes Scientology, Tom Cruise in 20/20 Interview

Leah Remini bashes Scientology and Tom Cruise in an exclusive 20/20 interview. Leah Remini has become extremely critical of the religion she spent a large part of her life practicing. But, since her departure from...

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