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Hollywood’s Biggest Stars Share this Unique and Rare Medical Condition

This unique medical condition is shared by some of Hollywood's biggest actors. Do you know what Mila Kunis, Henry Cavil and Christopher Walken all have in common? Besides the "it factor", talent, good looks, and a...
Project Casting

NBC’s Peter Pan Live! Open Casting Call for Dancers in NYC

Peter Pan Live Open Casting Call for dancers in New York City. Peter Pan Live! is the upcoming live television special and a new production of the 1954 musical adaptation of Peter Pan, scheduled to air on NBC on December 4, 2014. It was...
Project Casting

Watch Christopher Walken’s Dance Movies in this Super-Cut of All of Dance Scenes [Video]

You have most likely seen Christopher Walken bust some entertaining dance movies in more than just a few movies, but did you know that he was a skilled dancer? He was a trained as a...

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