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Christopher Nolan Leonardo Dicaprio

Director Christopher Nolan Begs Americans to Save Movie Theaters

Christopher Nolan pleads for America to save the movie theater industry during the Coronavirus outbreak. Critically acclaimed director Christopher Nolan has written an op-ed for The Washington Post, begins the nation to keep theaters alive...
Christian Bale

Christian Bale Reveals Why He Turned Down a Fourth Batman Movie

Christian Bale wanted to fulfill the director Christopher Nolan's vision of only three 'Batman' movies. Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy was a box-office hit. A fourth movie in the ‘Batman’ franchise did not seem possible....
Project Casting

Fans BASH Extra For Ruining Christopher Nolan ‘Dunkirk’ Movie Scene

Fans bash background extra for ruining a scene in the new Christopher Nolan movie Dunkirk. Fans noticed something quite strange during the first trailer for Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated feature film Dunkirk.  One extra among a sea of...
Harry Styles Dunkirk

‘Dunkirk’ Starring Harry Styles Open Casting Call

Dunkirk starring Harry Styles is now casting extras to work on the new movie. Are you a huge One Direction fan? Would you love to work alongside Harry Styles? If so, we have the perfect casting...
Project Casting

‘Memento’ Remake Movie Coming Soon Without Christopher Nolan

In a world of reboots, no movie is safe. Memento remake movie coming soon. According to reports, Hollywood is looking into rebooting the cult classic Christopher Nolan movie, Memento. Nothing is sacred. AMBI Pictures has announced they will...
Ben Affleck Matt Damon

Why Matt Damon Quit and Ben Affleck Replaced Damon for ‘Daredevil’ Movie

Matt Damon reveals that he would play 'Daredevil' in a reboot if Christopher Nolan directs it. Speaking with  The Daily News to promote his latest film, The Martian, Damon said he had the chance to play Daredevil in 2003...
Project Casting

Actor Regrets Turning Down Batman Role From Christopher Nolan

Josh Hartnett says he regrets turning down the Batman movie role in the Christopher Nolan remake. Every actor has regrets, even Will Smith revealed he was upset that he passed on 'The Matrix'. But, in...
Project Casting

Interstellar Director and The Brother’s “Hired Murder”

Interstellar movie director, Christopher Nolan and the brother who allegedly hired a killer to murder the family's accountant. The director behind the box office hit, Interstellar is accused of a mysterious murder plot. Brothers, Christopher and...

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