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Oscars: Asian Child’s Parents Had No Clue Rock’s Joke Would Be Racial

Asian kid's had no clue Chris Rock's Oscars joke would be racist. The Oscars had their high points and low points throughout the evening. Chris Rock tackled diversity in Hollywood head on and despite Christian...
Christian Bale

Christian Bale on Hollywood, Chris Rock and The Oscars

Christian Bale reveals what it's like to be an A-list actor during the 2016 Oscars Christian Bale is one of the most famous and arguably talented actors in Hollywood. Whether he's gaining weight to play...
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Hollywood Bashes Chris Rock’s Asian Kids Oscars Joke

Chris Rock is under fire for an Oscars skit that seems to poke fun at Asians for their math skills and other Asian-American stereotypes. Chris Rock tackeled several controversial issues during his Oscar hosting gig...
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Fans Bash the Oscars: ‘Chris Rock is Racist to White People’

People were not too happy with Chris Rock's latest Oscars performance. The Oscars are a night of lights, glamour and fun. However, this year it was filled with tension as the lack of diversity in...
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Chris Rock Pushed The Limits in the 2016 Oscars Monologue [VIDEO]

Chris Rock tackles racism head on in 2016 Oscars monologue. Chris Rock opened the 88th Annual Academy Awards Sunday night with a monologue that lived up to expectations. Amidst the controversy surrounding #OscarsSoWhite, Chris Rock...
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Chris Rock Tweets Mysterious Message: #Blackout #Oscars

Actor and comedian Chris Rock released a mysterious tweet ahead of the 2016 Academy Awards. Rock, who will be hosting the highly controversial Oscars wrote, "See you Sunday… #blackout #oscars,” along with a video of...

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