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American Sniper: Jury Finds Chris Kyle’s Killer Guilty of Murder

The former Marine has been convicted in the murder of American Sniper author Chris Kyle and Kyle's friend at a shooting range. According to reports, a jury has found the former marine guilty of murder...
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American Sniper: Clint Eastwood Reveals Why He Cut the Final Scene

Clint Eastwood finally reveals why he cut the final scene from the Academy Award nominated feature film, 'American Sniper'. If you watched the latest Clint Eastwood movie, featuring Bradley Cooper as the world's deadliest...
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Clint Eastwood: ‘American Sniper “Biggest Antiwar” Movie of All Time

Clint Eastwood says 'American Sniper' makes the 'biggest antiwar statement' of all time. The American Sniper director Clint Eastwood has recently commented on his highly controversial new movie. According to Yahoo! News, Eastwood told a...
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Six Facts Hollywood Doesn’t Want You To Know About American Sniper, Chris Kyle

Six Facts Hollywood Doesn't Want You To Know About American Sniper, Chris Kyle The movie American Sniper, based on the story of late Navy Seal Chris Kyle, is a box office hit, and is setting...

WATCH: American Sniper Chris Kyle Amazing Interview with Conan a Year Before He Died

American Sniper Chris Kyle gave an interesting and funny interview on Conan a year before he died. Tons of people hate the latest American Sniper movie. However, American Sniper was a box office hit, making over $100...

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