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Check Out Google Pixel 3’s Realistic Childish Gambino Playmoji (VIDEO)

Google reveals the new Childish Gambino Playmoji. Announced during this year’s GRAMMY awards ceremony, a new commercial for Google Pixel’s “Playground” feature showcases the recently announced Childish Gambino Playmoji. The new addition plays on augmented...
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How to Go to the mtvU Woodie Awards and Festival

The mtvU Woodie Awards and Festival are back. The producers are seeking people that would love to attend the MTV Woodie Awards. People that are selected to go will get to watch an unforgettable musical lineup,...
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Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover Releases ‘Chicken And Futility,’ New Short Film

Childish Gambino, A.K.A. Donald Glover, is back with his new short film, Chicken and Futility. The three-minute long short film shows Glover and his two friends talking about Chick-fil-A and a host of other topics. The...

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