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The Dad Of This “Walking Dead” Actor is Bashing the Show for “Firing” Him

If you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode, How It’s Gotta Be, you may want to do so before reading the story below, because SPOILERS. Last night’s Walking Dead revealed that Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) was bitten...
Project Casting

Chandler Riggs Wants a Musical ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode

Chandler Riggs from the TV series The Walking Dead wants to make a musical episode for the hit zombie drama. Chandler Riggs threw out the idea during Walker Stalker Con London. Riggs and Andrew Lincoln asked the...
Project Casting

‘The Walking Dead’ Spoiler: Chandler Riggs Tells All

The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs recently opened up last Sunday night's episode. Walking Dead Spoiler Alert: This article features spoilers from episode 609. AMC's The Walking Dead accomplished one of the biggest and craziest episodes in recent TV...

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