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10 Weird Jobs A-List Actors Had Before They Became Famous

Some jobs are not always glamorous or amazing and the following A-list celebs can confirm this. Some celebrities have paid their dues. Megan Fox used to dress up like a banana, Whoopi Goldberg was a...
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Justin Bieber Announces his Retirement on Twitter

Justin Bieber Retires from Music Justin Bieber just gave the world a horrible Christmas present, his retirement. Just before midnight on Christmas EVE, the singer took to twitter to say he was "officially retiring." But,...
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Kanye West Going To Jail for Six Months?

Kanye West has been recently charged with battery and attempted grand theft for a July 19 altercation at Lax during which he lunged at a paparazzo in an attempt to grab the man’s camera. (You can...
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Lamar Odom: Not Welcomed Home

 Earlier this week, it was reported that Khloe Kardashian staged an intervention, with her family, for her Husband Lamar Odom. Odpm, reportedly fled out of his house in anger. After Odom, supposedly fled his house...

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