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‘Aloha’s Director Apologizes for “White Washing” the Cast

Cameron Crowe, the director of 'Aloha' is sorry for "white washing" the cast of the movie and choosing Emma Stone to play an Asian American. Critics all agree that 'Aloha' is probably the worst film...
Project Casting

Is Bradley Cooper’s New Movie, ‘Aloha’ Racist?

Bradley Cooper's new movie, 'Aloha,' has been accused of being too "whitewashed." A week before the movie's release date, Cameron Crowe's 'Alohoa' has come under fire for its portrayal of Hawaiian culture and history. The...
Project Casting

‘Deep Tiki’ Starring Bradley Cooper Open Casting Call in Hawaii

Oscar-winning director Cameron Crowe is holding an extras open casting call in Hawaii this week for his new film, set to begin shooting in late September. According to Rich King Casting, two casting sessions will be held – one for...

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