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Vin Diesel Responds to the Body Shaming Articles and It’s Amazing

Vin Diesel's response to the viral photos about him is purely amazing. Yesterday, photos of Vin Diesel letting it all hangout on vacation was met with a wave of body shaming from several gossip websites,...
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Selena Gomez: I Had to Go to Counseling After Being Fat Shamed

Selena Gomez reveals she had to go through counseling after getting body shamed. Body Shaming affects everyone including celebrities. One celebrity in fact says she was so disturbed by the body shaming comments that she had...
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Raven Symone Forced to Wear a Fat Suit on ABC Family

Raven Simone says she was forced to wear a fat suit on ABC Family show because she was lost too much weight. Raven-Symone dropped a major bomb on an episode of The View on Monday, September 28th....

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