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‘Big Bang Theory’ Prequel Coming Soon

The Big Bang Theory prequel is currently in development. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Big Bang Theory co-creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady are working on a TV series that centers around the young version of Emmy...
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Why ‘Big Bang Theory’ May Be Coming to An End

Is Big Bang Theory going to get cancelled? TV's highest paid cast and most watched TV show may be coming to an end after 10 seasons. According to reports, The Big Bang Theory maybe coming to an end....
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New ‘Big Bang Theory’ Lawsuit Reveals Hollywood’s Dark Secret

'Big Bang Theory' lawsuit is calling out Hollywood's history of ageism. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion over ageism in Hollywood. Apparently, Hollywood is not interested in actors, models, directors, writers or other...
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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Starts $4 Million Scholarship for Low-Income Students

Earlier this week, 'The Big Bang Theory' made history when showrunner Chuck Lorre revealed that he plans on creating a Scholarship foundation. The Big Bang Theory Scholarship Endowment is currently valued at $4 million dollars. The...
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‘Big Bang Theory’ Contract Negotiations Delay Start of Season 8

The ‘Big Bang Theory’ Contract Negotiations Have Now Delayed The Start Of Season 8 The Big Bang Theory contract negotiations have gotten pretty serious. According to recent reports, Big Bang Theory contract negotiations have now delayed...
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Big Bang Theory Cast Could Probably Make $1 Million Per Episode

The stars of CBS's 'The Big Bang Theory' could make $1 million per Episode. The Big Bang Theory was recently renewed for three more seasons on CBS production for season eight is set to begin...

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