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Brad Pitt

11 Famous Actors Who Started Out As Extras

Here are 11 famous actors who started out as extras An extra is usually a person with no lines in a TV show or movie. If they do have a few lines, the person is...
Project Casting

Ultimate “Before They Were Famous” Celebrity Commercial Compilation [Video]

Watch the Ultimate "Before They Were Famous" Celebrity Commercial Compilation Before they made it in Hollywood, these celebrity actors had to start somewhere. But, if you're finding it difficult to imagine Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston...
Project Casting

Top 10 Celebrity Commercials from Before They Were Famous

Watch these 10 Celebrity Commercials from Before They Were Famous At one point in time, they were just struggling actors looking for their big breaks. Every actor has to start somewhere, these actors featured here worked...

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Dwayne Johnson Red Notice

53 TV Shows and Movies Filming in Georgia in June

Georgia is quickly taking over the TV and film industry. Here are the 50 movies and TV shows filming in Georgia this June 2021. Join...