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Mike Myers Wants to Make a ‘Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil Spinoff Movie

Mike Myers is interested in making an Austin Powers spinoff movie that focuses on the movie’s villain Dr. Evil. The actor, writer, producer, and filmmakers broke the news on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,...
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Austin Powers 4 is Reportedly Coming Soon

As been over a decade since Austin Powers was last seen in theaters, however, the international man of mystery and his crazy costars are still pop culture icons. Now, 15 years later a new Austin...
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Fourth Austin Powers May Be Coming Soon [VIDEO]

A fourth Austin Powers movie may be in the works. The franchise's director Jay Roach revealed the possibility of yet another Powers installment in a recent interview with Larry King. In the interview, Roach discussed...
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Blame Austin Powers for Changes in James Bond Movies

Blame Austin Powers for how serious James Bond movies have become, says current Bond, Daniel Craig. The new James Bond movie, Spectre, was announced on Thursday with several new cast members including Christoph Waltz, Lea...

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