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Clint Eastwood: ‘American Sniper “Biggest Antiwar” Movie of All Time

Clint Eastwood says 'American Sniper' makes the 'biggest antiwar statement' of all time. The American Sniper director Clint Eastwood has recently commented on his highly controversial new movie. According to Yahoo! News, Eastwood told a...
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Six Facts Hollywood Doesn’t Want You To Know About American Sniper, Chris Kyle

Six Facts Hollywood Doesn't Want You To Know About American Sniper, Chris Kyle The movie American Sniper, based on the story of late Navy Seal Chris Kyle, is a box office hit, and is setting...

WATCH: American Sniper Chris Kyle Amazing Interview with Conan a Year Before He Died

American Sniper Chris Kyle gave an interesting and funny interview on Conan a year before he died. Tons of people hate the latest American Sniper movie. However, American Sniper was a box office hit, making over $100...
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Seth Rogen Compares ‘American Sniper’ to Nazi Propaganda

Seth Rogen calls the calls 'American Sniper' movie Nazi propaganda movie. Seth Rogen is the latest among a series of actors and critics calling the latest box office hit American Sniper, which opened to $105 million dollars...
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‘American Sniper’ is the Biggest Movie of the Year

'American Sniper' is the biggest movie of the year making $105 million in the box office. Clint Eastwood's record-breaking movie, which landed six Oscar nominations, made well over $100 million dollars and is the biggest...

Bradley Cooper Looks Unrecognizable For New Role in ‘American Sniper’

Bradley Cooper gained 40 pounds and a beard for 'American Sniper' Role. Bradley Cooper looks like he has packed on a ton of muscle fo rhis new role in 'American Sniper'. It is reported that...

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