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Adam Sandler

Hollywood’s Latest Trend is Putting Actors on the Hot Seat

Hollywood is on edge after movie studios are accused of "whitewashing" and racist casting choices. According to a new report by THR, Hollywood is on the defensive after several petitions, protests and boycotts regarding the...
Project Casting

‘Aloha’s Director Apologizes for “White Washing” the Cast

Cameron Crowe, the director of 'Aloha' is sorry for "white washing" the cast of the movie and choosing Emma Stone to play an Asian American. Critics all agree that 'Aloha' is probably the worst film...
Project Casting

Sony Forced to Defend ‘Aloha’ After Critics Call the Movie Racist

Sony is forced to defend 'Aloha' after people call out the movie for "white-washing". Sony was recently backed into a corner after people claimed Cameron Crowe's romantic comedy 'Aloha' illustrates a "white-washed" version of the...
Project Casting

Is Bradley Cooper’s New Movie, ‘Aloha’ Racist?

Bradley Cooper's new movie, 'Aloha,' has been accused of being too "whitewashed." A week before the movie's release date, Cameron Crowe's 'Alohoa' has come under fire for its portrayal of Hawaiian culture and history. The...

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