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Project Casting

CBS ‘Friend Me’ Casting Information

Sign up for Text Message Updates Now! Click Here! Friend Me is an upcoming TV comedy series that is based on the real life website coupon service company Groupon. The series was created by Alan...
Project Casting

SyFy ‘Warehouse 13’ Casting Information

Improve Your Monologue Today! Click Here! Warehouse 13 is a TV series that first premiered in 2009 on the SyFy network. It has been described by critics as borrowing from the horror television series Friday...
Project Casting

‘The Spectacular Now’ Casting Information

The Spectacular Now is a comedy about a high school senior who tries too win over a social outcast as a joke but slowly realizes that he has the power to impact a person’s...
Project Casting

CW ‘Arrow’ Casting Information

No Internet? Sign up for Text Updates! Arrow is an upcoming action and adventure television series based upon Green Arrow, a fictional superhero from DC Comics. The show will air on The CW on Wednesday...
Project Casting

TV Land ‘The Exes’ Casting Information

On the go? Sign up for Text Updates! Click here to learn more. The Exes is a comedy TV series on TV Land. Divorce attorney helps her client, Stuart by introducing him to a new...
Project Casting

Adult Swim ‘Eagle Heart’ Casting Information

Sign Up for Text Updates Today! Click Here Eagle Heart is an action comedy TV series that premiered in Early 2011, on Cartoon Network’s late night block, Adult Swim. Eagle heart is produced by Conan...

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Have a Movie Idea? Netflix is Now Looking for Aspiring Writers

Have a movie idea? Netflix is now looking for aspiring writers. Imagine Impact from Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s production company, is looking for submissions...

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