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Stranger Things Netflix

Netflix’s Multi-Billion Dollar Investment is Great News for Aspiring Actors

Netflix's investment in original content spells excellent news for aspiring actors According to reports, Netflix is ramping up production in 2020 with multi-billion dollar investment in content. The streaming platform will invest around $17.3 billion...
Actor Tip

How You Can Learn How To Act Without Acting Classes

Learn how you can learn acting without acting classes Many aspiring actors start early and would like to get actual knowledge about acting and acting techniques. However, with time constraints, and lack of funds, it...

Movie Accounting – How Hollywood Accounting Can Make a Box Office Hit Unprofitable

Learn how movie accounting rips off actors and leaves producers for broke. According to Lucasfilm, the Return of the Jedi earned $475 million at the box office against a budget of $32.5 million. However, the movie "has...
Acting Tip Business Card

5 Tips Actors Should be Using on their Business Cards

How to make yourself stand out as an actor with only your business card. Actors, models, and talents have to always focus on branding and marketing themselves. One popular way of getting your name out...
Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Reveals The Acting Tip That Changed Her Life

Meghan Markle is probably one of the most famous women in the world since she joined the Royal family. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is now an official American member of the British royal family following...

Need a Monologue? Read and Download ‘Joker’ Screenplay

Are you looking for a monologue? Read and download Joaquin Phoenix's 'Joker' screenplay. Are you looking for a monologue? The full screenplay was written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver for ‘Joker’ has been released to the public....

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