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United Kingdom

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Tyson has played roles from the hard man hooligan, to the gentle giant, working along side high profile Actors, Directors, on large scale film and series productions. Most recently working multiple scenes with Vinnie Jones, in Rise of the Footsoldier Origins. Taking a huge leap as this was his first time major production. Tyson comes from a boxing family, so has been raised and training in boxing gyms from young. He studied drama at High school, but as a teenager he took it on himself to join the military, and served 13 years leaving in 2017 as a sergeant. Leaving with extensive firearms and tactical training, which could easily translate into action type roles. As a HUGE fan of Marvel and DC, he looks forward to working as a super villain in his future career, also to work and learn from greatest actors/directors/producers.

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Gender: male

Ethnicity: Multiracial

Interests: Film, Commercials, TV & Video

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