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Texas, United States

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My life has been full of many life threatening events that have led my heart to value each and every day that I'm still alive. When I was younger as a child in 4th grade I was taken from my home and placed in an orphanage and was placed up for adoption for the state. Because of this I know the importance of love and family and friends. Each day can be your last. A car wreck put me in a small coma for a few weeks and when I awoke from this; my life took a new direction. Since that point, I love to compose music on the piano and guitar and I have so much fun imitating voices and accents. I find myself constantly doing voices and characters all day. When I was in high school my eyes were blinded by acid from a car battery explosion. I never thought I'd ever see again, so to relieve the pain I started pressing down the keys of an old piano that was in our home. Now I can create compositions from all that pain and turn the sadness into music that inspires everyone to live on with thankfulness every day. I always strive to be an inspiration to all I meet daily and I absolutely enjoy animals from horses and horseback riding to doves. My dream has always been to act and make a better world more beautiful than it already is.I studied film and acting in Los Colinas Texas at Adam Roarke film actors lab. Sara Norton was my agent at the time. Since then I've been a freelance artist participating in many extra roles. I can impersonate many voices from Goofy to Shrek and Donkey and many others. My favorites are the witch from the Wizard of Oz and John Wayne. I love to use accents when acting or voiceover from British, Australian, Russian, Scottish,Native American Indian and even tough country characters with thick accents. I've had the honor of spending a few days with Chuck Norris in Las Vegas at one of his events. Chuck shared with me the secret to his success in life. I have never forgotten the inspiration he gave me that day. I was fortunate to be trained in acting by one of Lou diamond Phillips acting coaches. He said I was a Natural. But i could not continue to pursue acting in Dallas because my mother fell ill and I returned home to Oklahoma to help care for her. I now live in Texas and 3 months ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was told its not cancer. I just hope before its all over I can actually have a dream come true of acting in a film or series. I have an Instagram account of capt.smackdown with videos and such. "Live life to the fullest..for you don't know when it may be your last".


Acting, Singing, Voiceover, Sports, Horseback Riding, Dancing, Skiing, Music, Football, Basketball, Golf, Improvisation, Comedy, Skating, Stunts, Baseball, Modeling

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Gender: male

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5'10"

Body Type: Athletic

Weight: 195.00 lbs

Interests: Film, Voiceover, Commercials, TV & Video, Modeling