Rose Sexsmith


Rose Sexsmith Bio

I am a near 70 yr old Woman, Mother of 3 sons & Grandmother of 6. I was always in Food & Beverage and I was the first Karaoke Hostess in 1986 when the bar I worked at bought the first karaoke machine in North America. This changed my life. I like I pray most to the rest of the Planet am concerned for Mother Earth. I'm vegetarian and 80% vegan and have been for most of my life. I just adopted a six year old Goldendoodle named Molly who has also changed my life. I was one of the owners of Rose's Waterfront Pub from 1993



Additional Info

Gender: female

Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

Height: 5'4"

Body Type: Curvy

Weight: 140.00 lbs

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