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I've dreamed to be an actress since my childhood.I've always imagined that i was an actress and shining brightly in the screen.Sometimes I stand next to the mirror and act that I am happy or sad,or angry,that i cry or fight with the people i love or I do not.I act that I am so deeply in love with somebody who I have to say goodbay.I feel all those emotions that my caracter would feel.I follow all actors instagram account and feel so sad that I can not be them.I can not act in front of the camera like them and show the world what my caracter would be like.I am not even sure that I can be really good at acting.But,i love acting,sometime I think that acting is everything for me,it is so important for me.I felt so much energy and happiness while acting in the theatre. In the rehearsal at the theatre i could not feel tireness.I felt so comfortable in the stage,for me it was like being in the home.Unfortunately,i did not have a chance to try.I have not been in any audition,because in my country film industry is not really successfully and there is no good projects.I know that if i had a chance i would do my best,work even 24 hours in day.I think actors inspire people,they inspire us to be better person,they inspire us not to give up even when we think it is the end.Chadwick Boseman was one of them.he inspired us that nothing is impossible if you believe,even if you have a cancer you can play black panter and give the world hope.I want to become one of them who can do good things and inspire people,I want to create lot if amazing caracters who will inspire people.I always watch behind the scenes of some movies and I am complitly amazed of this process.And I want to be part of it.I just do not want only dreaming about it.I want my dreams to come true.

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Gender: female

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5'6"

Body Type: Average

Weight: 132.00 lbs

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