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To watch my showreels please go to my vimeo, thank you - | SKILLS: I can tear up on cue but crying is something I'm still working on. I can speak two languages fluently, Slovak and English, I can speak in several dialects including, British, Russian, European, American. My native accent is American. I have also been skating/cruising for 10 years and I have above-average knowledge of technology. I love to workout, I workout every day so I always stay in shape. I'm very determined and diligent when it comes to Acting, and doing anything I love, if I have to turn up to set at 6am I'll come at 5am. | TRAINING: Personal method acting training, under many master teaches. I have no official experience so I'm looking to start as early as possible, there is no line to cross so I'm open to any job. I re-enact film scenes as my own training, I read the story of a character then I play them and compare between myself and the actor who played that character. I try to practice acting techniques and refining myself 1-2hours a day, 1 hour for method acting meditation, and I target what I'm the worst at for an hour and work at it. I do this daily and sometimes multiple times a day.

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Gender: male

Ethnicity: White

Height: 6'0"

Body Type: Athletic

Weight: 143.00 lbs

Interests: Film, Theater, TV & Video, Commercials, Entertainment jobs & Crew, Voiceover