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Ohio, United States

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I'm a retired Mom and housewife that has worked off and on with the entertainment and haunted house business since high school. I have done dozens of musicals through tech work, directing, and acting as well. My feather though was acting in Les Miserables where I played numerous characters including having a singing solo. It might not have been on Broadway, but it was close enough for me. I do all my own costumes and make-up. I worked for 27 years in the retail world so I know how to talk to people and how to keep their attention. In 2020, I admit I had some medical issues that were wrongly addressed with medicine that helped me gain a lot of weight, but I am finally on my way back to being myself with the loss of around 55lbs so far and I am not looking back. I am hoping to get back into the industry in any way possible.

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Gender: female

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5'4"

Body Type: Plus-Sized

Weight: 280.00 lbs

Interests: Theater, Film, Commercials, Entertainment jobs & Crew


Halloween Scares

The Haunted Hydro


Les Misérables

Bellevue Society For the Arts