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Profile Liam Carr is a 17 years old Teenager Actor, singer and dancer, he has worked in Musical Theatre, Television, short films and corporate filming. Liam started acting at the age of 5, realising drama classes ran straight after street dance which he already attended, Liam decided to give drama ‘a go’ after one class he was hooked and has been acting ever since. Liam started working professionally in 2013 when he got signed with Top Talent Agency in Hertfordshire. He went on to star in ‘Oliver’ at The Curve theatre in Leicester along side Peter Polycarpou as Fagin and was a sewer boy in Chitty Chitty Bang Bank Uk tour at the Nottingham Theatre Royal. Liam now attends Birmingham Ormiston Academy where he is studying a BTEC in Muscial Theatre. Liam’s passion for the theatre means that he is never far away from the stage and usually has rehearsals going for at least one show!

Additional Info

Gender: male

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5'9"

Body Type: Athletic

Interests: Theater, Voiceover, Events, Commercials, Entertainment jobs & Crew, Modeling, TV & Video, Film