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I am an emerging queer comedian, performer, playwright, and director. Abject is my lifestyle and follows through to my art, forcing audiences to sit in the uncomfortable unknown as I explore my body and the human condition. Using a variety of different mediums; slam poetry, music, stand up, movement and sketch, connecting each one with my body. I value the beauty and therapy comedy provides during hardships while maintaining the vulnerability and truths behind the sadness. I don’t pull any punches, leaving the world to face my raw honesty with every breath I expel. When I am onstage there is nothing standing in the way, I aim to make every moment count and make sure that the audience feels as if they are onstage with me. I acknowledge the systems that I have and continue to benefit from through my life that oppress other voices. I am actively unlearning the biased histories and dismantling these systems that operate in my art/work/life in order to share and hold space for those who have been denied the chance. The world is our stage and therefore every story deserves to be heard.

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Gender: female

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5'9"

Body Type: Curvy

Weight: 280.00 lbs

Interests: Film, TV & Video, Modeling, Voiceover


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