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Hi! My name is Jai Mohan ,16 and I am an CONFIDENT OUGOING Actor, Model and social media influencer with over 8000 tiktok followers. I am experienced in taekwondo and judo and many more sports! - I have been acting since a young age as I have done LAMDA since I was turning 6 years old - I am also reasonably gifted at gymnastics as I can do front flips, Kick ups, forward handsprings and cartwheels. I have many talents beside acting such as sports. I play... MARTIAL ARTS, COUNTY hockey, swimming, Judo (Use to but still practice), taekwondo (Use to but still spar), football, rugby, cricket, BASKETBALL, Cycling, Softball and many more! - I get on very well with others around me and are quick to adapt to new situations.

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Gender: male

Ethnicity: South Asian / Indian

Interests: Film, TV & Video