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Frank Monroe - known to fans as "Khing Jus Wurk®" - has made his life's work, pushing boundaries and accomplishing the unexpected. A product of the foster system after his biological parents was denied custody following drug abuse, Khing has done the unimaginable. The first person in his family to go to college (Full Sail University). Khing is pursuing becoming a household name in the entertainment and lifestyle industries as an entertainer, model, fitness enthusiast, stunts, and actor. Frank is an entertainer you can root for, a true story of overcoming adversity, and an inspiration to every young person on the streets who feels that they cannot accomplish anything they set their minds to. He is successful because of his tenacity and perseverance. With lofty aspirations for his career, Frank's dream is to be partnered with a more prominent brand. Frank advocates that through hard work and effort, anything is possible. Having spent his childhood in group homes, foster care, homeless, and even in jail, he never knew what his future held, but he never gave up the faith that eventually things would all fall in place - and that's what happened. Now he enjoys life as an entertainer, traveling the world and sharing his story.

Additional Info

Gender: male

Ethnicity: Black

Height: 6'0"

Body Type: Muscular

Weight: 210.00 lbs

Talent Agency: Creative Management Group

Interests: TV & Video, Film, Entertainment jobs & Crew, Commercials, Influencer, Events, Modeling, Voiceover

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