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Louisiana, United States

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My name is Brandon Conerly I am 42, married, a father of two boys 7 and 16. I'm from Morgan City Louisiana and have lived in and around the area for all my life. I have done many different jobs over the years like; a Jailer for the St. Mary Sheriffs Office, went to LSU Firefighter 1 School and worked for the Morgan City Fire Department, went to trade School for Electrician and had an Parish Electrical License, I also worked for At&t/DirecTV where I made All Star Tech in only one year. When I did Security, it was for the movie "Crazy in Alabama", when they were filming in Houma La. There, on the set and behind the scenes, I learned a great many things about how the movie making process works. On Set but behind the scenes I felt like I was part of a family. I got picked out of maybe 15 others to guard Melanie Griffith's personal Camper on set. I remember her baby at the time had a cold and somehow someone forgot the baby's meds on location and I was asked to deliver the meds to where they where staying. I have always wanted to be in the Scenes and On Screen instead of behind them. I can do many different voices and could play a wide array of roles.. I am on the Autism Spectrum and have learned over the years to hide or mask the fact that I am. For years I thought of ASD as a weakness, but today I see it as a Super Power, I don't let it stop me from fitting in or from doing something I put my mind to. I Educated myself and now I'm Educating my 7 year old, who also has ASD. I could play a role as someone with or without ASD. If asked to do a role as someone on the Spectrum I could play that role with *Oscar Quality, to any degree necessary, from the none verbal to a Rain Man or a Good Doctor or anywhere in-between. I can Improv, I haven't yet but could do Stand-up...

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Gender: male

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5'8"

Body Type: Muscular

Weight: 185.00 lbs

Interests: Film, TV & Video, Commercials, Entertainment jobs & Crew, Events, Voiceover


Crazy in Alabama

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