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Georgia, United States

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My passion for politics and social change can be reverted to my middle and high school years of being an active community member. Whether that was being an active student leading SGA, my Immigration Advocacy Organization, volunteering with local campaigns, or creating a podcast dedicated to giving students who are learning in a covid setting a voice, becoming a published writer on social issues, personal development, and featured on Tv discussing prominent topics. The purpose of why I aspire to serve in public office as a politician is because I strive to become a leader who will represent people's concerns. I wish there were more of today. I enjoy getting people involved and passionate about the issues I feel passionate about. That is everything related to utilizing my voice in our democracy and politics as a whole.

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Gender: female

Ethnicity: Asian

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 115.00 lbs

Interests: Voiceover, Events, Commercials, Influencer, TV & Video

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