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Georgia, United States

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AARÓN ÁLVAREZ AARÓN ÁLVAREZ musician, actor, TV and Radio host &Producer started his career in the entertainment industry since his early age as a kid his passion for the arts and music has been with him since a little boy when he used to organized shows in the porch of his house and performed for the neighborhood kids and friends, after he moved to NYC due to the Marxist socialist communist Sandinista revolution regime in his native country of birth Nicaragua, as a kid he was involved in arts as he worked closely in the music department in his local elementary, Junior High and High schools, his conversation abilities has also taken AARÓN ÁLVAREZ from College Radio Producers and host in Public Radio to commercial radio in NYC, producing a weekly radio magazine show in the metropolitan area with his distinguished and unique charisma was soon noticed by the Spanish commercial radio stations in NYC as he was hired to produce and host a weekly top 10 pop rock spanish music radio show host and co produce various Music related TV shows in the region. AARÓN ÁLVAREZ also has educated himself in music and in the performing arts, he studied music since he was just a child, he first fell in love with the arts when he was very little as his uncle MARIO ÁLVAREZ used take him to his artistic activities in which his uncle used to performed in the local schools, colleges and theaters in Nicaragua as actor and singer imitating local and famous artists of his time. AARÓN ÁLVAREZ was amazed and fell in love at first sight when he was first introduced to video TV cameras as he witnessed a live broadcast interview that was being done to his uncle at the studios of the first FM radio station ever in Nicaragua called Radio Estéreo Revolución but that was not only influence, his grandfather Carlos Arana that came from artistic generation from national radio voice overs drama characters creator and host and as co producer of Nicaragua most listened radio show “Pancho Madrigal” together with “FABIO GADEA MANTILLA” creator of this famous character in Nicaragua, Central America and other countries around the world today where nicaraguan live in exile. On the revolution of 1979 due to religious and political persecution in Nicaragua after his grandfather was killed during the revolution in which was never found and scaping and searching for democracy and freedom of speech his family was forced to find refuged in other countries until finally given refugee status in the United States, in the US AARÓN ÁLVAREZ also became part of the arts and music departments in his local Junior High School and High School, he was an active member in the performing and linguistic arts department since he also developed an art for languages and speech, Spanish being his first language later on learning Italian, portuguese and some German and Hebrew in which he continues to study it and learning it till this day, after graduating from High School AARÓN ÁLVAREZ continued to educate himself in music and the dramatic arts he studied for six years in New York City Spanish Harlem Performing Arts School name “Julia De Burgos Cultural Center” in which he also was an active member of The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater” associated with Julia De Burgos Cultural Center there he studied dramatic arts, diction (speech in diverse Spanish accents, linguistics) a school which provided dramatic arts studies for latinos and local urban artist with low income in the tri state area of New York City and surroundings, at Queensborough & La Guardia Community College and other CUNY schools and diplomates from NYC, NYU Tisch School Of Arts in the performing Arts and TV & Film and Music Busiiness productionm, during this period AARÓN ÁLVAREZ decided to stayed living in New York City by himself after his family decided to move to Miami, Florida. It was during these years that AARÓN ÁLVAREZ was involved in the Electronic Dance Music scene in New York City and was popular in the local clubs for his dancing performances with a group of friends while attending college, later also was a member of a few local rock music bands that played cover songs in local pubs to help pay for his rent and school needs, later on became a member and co founder of one of New York City local and most popular Latin Alternative Rock Bands “Espuelas De Bronce'' taken him and the band to travel around the US, Europe and Latin America in tours with other popular artist and bands within the genre, this contributed a great amount in the artistic career during his college years together with his distinguish speech ability helped open the doors for a college radio music show called the “The New Alternative'' in which he had the chance to conduct interviews to local talents in NYC and any artist from the underground movement that had a promising and positive message together with an independent political views to educate involve the young latino listeners in NYC mostly to young latinos that were new in the US. Was not too long that AARÓN ÁLVAREZ later was contacted by the New York City syndicated non profit public radio network knowns as “Pacifica Radio WBAI 99.5 FM” to bring his radio show to this network where he developed his unique and crude style on interviews done to celebrities, actors, politicians, mainstream and underground artists that varied from Ricky Martin to Shakira and actors from independent films and film director such as Pedro Almodobar and many others! His knowledge and natural public relations abilities and personality gave AARÓN ÁLVAREZ the opportunity to be hired by SONY MUSIC INTERNATIONAL executive and later friend James Welzer and Victor Colon, Jeff Young and Carlos Perez to work in the promotions and marketing & sales department at Sony Music and from there that opened new opportunities in other major music labels such Universal Music, Warner Music US & Spain, BMG US Latin and EMI Capitol and other independent Labels! AARÓN ÁLVAREZ have worked and help developed and contributed In the success of artist such as Calle 13, Cafe Tacuba, Mana, Shakira, La Ley, Miguel Bose, La Oreja De Van Gogh Alexis Y Fido, La 5ta Estacion, Sony Music urban artist such as Zion & Lennox, tropical artist Marc Anthony, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Victor Manuelle, La India, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Juanes, El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico, Ednita Nazario, Jorge Celedon, and many other successful main and indie labels repertories. It was during this during his early years as young and ambitious musician and actor and hardworking individual AARÓN ÁLVAREZ became friends with a local neighbor, co worker and NYC night live club friends of actor “Peter Facinelli'' known for his performance in films like “Can't Hardly Wait, TV series, Nurse Jackie, Fastlane, Twilight, The Scorpion King and other films. AARÓN ÁLVAREZ in the beginning of career in the film industry has participated and worked as a background actor, stand-in, body double in various films such as “Down To Earth” with Chris Rock, Paramount Pictures, Carlitos Way, with Al Pacino and Sean Penn. TV series such “OZ in HBO, Law In Order, Sex In The City and other indie films in NYC After having a successful career in the latin music scene in the US and abroad AARÓN ÁLVAREZ is continuing in persuading his acting and film career as he continues to follow his passion and dream of having the opportunity to be able to work with many actors that have influenced his career and love for the dramatic arts and the film making such Charlie Chaplin, Harold Loyd, Gal Gadot-Israel, Lior Raz, Itzik Cohen, Neta Garty-Fauda, Israel TV series, Mario Moreno, Cantinflas-Mexico, Ousmane Sembene, Black Girl-Senegal South Africa Alfred Hitchcok-The 39 steps, Danzel Washington, Lian Nelson, Michelle Jenner from Isabel La Catolica, Rodolfo Sancho-Spain, Sergei Eisenstein- Russia Battleship Potemkin, Jean Cocteau-Beauty & Beast and many others directors such as Pedro Almodobar, Bigas Luna, Yagmur And Durul Taylan from Turkey and Steven Spielberg, Tyler Perry, Spike Lee, Rene Perez, Residente Calle 13 and Amos Gitai, Robert Bresson, A Man Scape-France, Igmar Berman, Pesona-Sweden, all of this names and more have had a huge influence in AARÓN ÁLVAREZ career and life traveling between, Atlanta, NYC, LA and Miami as an actor and film student and contributing in various projects in the film indusctry in the Atlanta area and continuing and working on his TV and film schools in LA, and the Goergia Film Academy, AARÓN ÁLVAREZ believes that it is never too late to pursue your dreams and when there is passion there is a reason and meaning to exist and there will no limits to your dreams!

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Gender: male

Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic

Height: 5'11"

Body Type: Average

Weight: 213.00 lbs

Talent Agency: N?A

Interests: Voiceover, Film, Theater, TV & Video, Commercials



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