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South Carolina, United States

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As many others before me, I've been wanting to act since I was a very young child. Now being in my early adulthood, I feel as if I can finally be able to get that chance. I've acted before in both middle school and high school. And even did a few skits for YouTube (in which I shall be sharing soon). I am currently in search for the best acting opportunities, in hopes of checking off the biggest item on my Wishlist. Not only do I want this for the amazing things it'll grant me, but for the need to overcome my fear of criticism and feedback.


Acting, Voiceover, Improvisation, Music, Drawing, Acting Techniques

Additional Info

Gender: male

Ethnicity: Black

Height: 5'10"

Body Type: Muscular

Weight: 240.00 lbs

Interests: TV & Video, Film, Voiceover, Commercials