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Mikel Capriano (Mike Capri) is an actor, singer, dancer, musician, writer and host who is currently located and working in-between the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand with UK/NZ Residency, European Union and Australian Citizenship. He has been involved in various events and performances throughout his life. He is a charismatic, confident man who is humble, flexible, committed, enjoys taking direction and is easy to work with. He loves meeting and working with new people and is always eager to learn something new each day. Mike is an actor who values his time on film, stage, in theater and musicals. Mike is currently based in Europe and furthering his professional acting studies in Hammersmith, London at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). He has previously studied advanced film acting and actor breathing techniques to accentuate emotion and dramatism at New York Film Academy and Perth Film School. Mike has a flare for comedy and can also mix in more depth for the dramatic and serious side of more complex roles. Nominated for best actor in a role and musical at the 2019 Gold Palm Theatre Awards Australia. Mike also has a wide ranged singing voice. More naturally at the high-end of a males voice, as low as a lyrical Baritone and Tenor up to High-Tenor (G2-C6). Mike was originally classically trained professionally in classical genres, with French and Italian influences and language as well as singing opera, Handel, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Opera and similar compositions. From an early age, Mike started singing in gospel choirs and arrangements. Mike has also been the lead singer of various rock and pop bands and has performed at corporate, signature events and cabarets throughout the last 20 years. Niche theme bands have covered and recomposed songs from the 50’s and 60’s through to the modern music of today. He has also been writing lyrics, songs and plays guitar. His writing also carries over into script writing and other creative writing articles. From an early age, Mike has also danced at the highest level in Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue Sequence dancing and has also performed in floor-shows, cabarets and events throughout Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Europe and Asia. Over the years, Mike has partnered dozens of competition dancers and students. He has danced in various styles including, theatrical, salsa, bachata, swing, lindyhop, charleston, jazz, rocknroll, hiphop, tango and disco and can accompany anyone who needs a dance partner for any event. With a passion to perform and engage his audience, Mike enjoys meeting people from all walks of life. Natural blonde hair with light blue eyes and with an acting age of 17 to 40, Mike maintains a youthful and athletic appearance. Mike has open car and motorcycle licenses and has driven throughout Europe, Asia, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. Mike has bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Business and when he is not performing, he is a highly experienced consultant in Contract Law and Negotiating. His peak interests include extreme sports, inline skating, cliff diving, solo rock climbing, skydiving, hang-gliding, diving, and general sporting activities.

Additional Info

Gender: male

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5'7"

Body Type: Athletic

Weight: 143.00 lbs

Talent Agency: ICACM Sydney

Interests: Film, Theater, TV & Video, Commercials, Entertainment jobs & Crew, Events, Voiceover