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South Carolina

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Hey Guys, I love acting and EVERYTHING that goes into filmmaking. I am one of those people who you can't watch a movie with because I'm analyzing the acting, cinematography, color theory, props, story, etc. I also am one of those people who watches the special features immediately after watching the movie. I want to do pretty much all of my own stunts. I knew I wanted to be an actor when, at around 10-years old, after years of watching special features, I realized that the main reason I felt that yearning feeling when I watched them is because the actors and directors were MY kind of people and I wanted to do THAT. P.S. I'm not terribly attached to my haircut, so do what you wish with it! P.P.S <-that's funny right there. (-Tow Mater)


Acting / Accents / Photography / Improvisation / Stunts

The Hysterical History of the Trojan War

Dawn DelRossi


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