YouTubers Tried The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Model Diet For A Week (VIDEO)

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YouTubers, Michelle Khare and Candace Lowry, tried a diet followed by Victoria’s Secret models in the week before this year’s catwalk show.

The 25-year-olds documented their week-long diet, which as created by trainer and nutritionist Stephen Pastorino for two of this year’s VS stars, Blanca Padilla and Nadine Leopold, in a video shared on Michelle’s YouTube channel.

The YouTubers admitted much of their motivation came from seeing just how incredible the models looked on the runway at this year’s catwalk event in Shanghai.

“After seeing the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Runway show and how amazing all the models looked, we wanted to give their unique and specialized diet a try… the 2017 edition,’ she explained in the video description.  

At the start of the video, the duo picked up everything they would need for the week. Breakfast consisted of an avocado, a grapefruit with cinnamon, and either a quinoa bowl with berries or a smoothie with greens.

The lunch would be a “green salad with vegetables and lean protein.” Dinner, meanwhile consists of “healthy carbs, side of vegetables, and a lean protein.”

The diet also “requires all food be cooked without salt, using only olive oil and vinegar for flavor.”

The ladies started running into trouble right in the beginning, with both of them expressing total disgust after trying their apple cider shots for the first time. ‘I feel like I just swallowed Clorox. Whatever that does I hope it works.’

The girls would continue on the diet trying to manage, Candace expressed how she was feeling.

So, the most difficult thing I noticed so far is that the lack of salt has been very hard to deal with because salt is notorious for being in foods at restaurants,’ she explained. ‘Even grilled chicken has salt on it.”

Michelle agreed, saying, ‘I honestly have gotten to the point where I don’t even want to eat out anymore. Of course part of it is due to the fact that I’m nervous that the restaurant won’t offer salt-free, super clean options for whatever I need to eat at that meal.

‘Even more so, it’s just really embarrassing from a social perspective to have to kind of like explain to a waiter why I can’t eat chicken with salt on it,’ she continued. 

That said, after a week of this Victoria Secret diet training, the two Youtubers said, “Obviously I’m not going on a runway after this. I’m motivated by wanting to look good but I don’t know if I want to feel hungry all the time in order to do that. It feels fake.’

Candace shared her opinion on the diet, “So I finished the week and to be honest it wasn’t too bad. It just shows that this requires a lot of work and a lot of dedication to weeks leading up. You really are on lockdown and there’s no room to kind of wiggle out of it.  ‘It kind of just felt like that episode of SpongeBob where Squidward goes to that neighborhood and every day is the same. These models work very hard for what they have to look like and it’s their job to look good.”

Check out the video below.