YouTube Star Finds Out She Has Two Vaginas

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YouTube Star, Cassandra Bankson Finds Out She Has Two Vaginas

Cassandra Bankson, is a YouTube star. Her make-up tutorial videos have helped millions cover up severe acne with ease. And now she’s helping the world learn something even more important. Bankson just discovered she has two vaginas and she’s letting the entire world know.

In a segment for Bancroft TV, Bankson visited a doctor to discuss her condition, which has caused her to have not only two vaginas but two uteruses and two cervixes as well.

From Death and Taxes:

“Most vaginas are one large cavity but this is a complete separation into two different cavities. I was shocked and the doctor explained to me that it was like an upside nose,” she told Bancroft TV. “I didn’t really know what to make of it – I was just in shock but I don’t really let it get in the way of my life. It certainly helped explain a lot of things.”

Bankson’s goal is to educate the world about “uterus didelphys,” which occurs in approximately one out of every 3,000 women, making condition uncommon but not entirely rare.

Some of the things that the diagnosis has explained are Bankson’s severe menstrual cramps and the fact that she has up to two periods a month. She’s also hoping that her condition can explain the fact that she’s endured severe acne all of her life. But she’s not too concerned with the fact that two vaginas will change her whole existence.

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